Leaders hope new apartments will lead to retail growth downtown

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Mayor Bill Saffo, along with other local leaders broke ground today on a new 273-unit luxury apartment complex.

With so many apartments going up in downtown Wilmington, residents who live in the area have started to wonder when they will see grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations.

Currently out of the three, there is only one gas station if you drive through the heart of downtown.

Local leaders say building more apartments allows the population to grow, which will cause more interest from businesses.

“Adding more residential base is a big strategy because what a lot of these grocery stores look for is people, residents that live close by that will be coming to their store,” said Ed Wolverton, who is with Wilmington Downtown Incorporated. “So as we add more residences, that helps us to attract more retail shops.”

With Wilmington having a high retirement community, older residents in the area are looking for ease of access instead of having to go out of the way for the thing they need.

There are currently no plans to build a grocery store, pharmacy, or gas station in the area.

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